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Thread Button Bit

Body type: straight,retrac, oblique return Brazing head diameter: 35~152mm Thread: R22,R25.R28,R32,R35,R38 T38.T45.T51.ST58.ST68.T60.EL60 Face design:flat, convex, concave, center concave Alloy tooth shape: round, semi-circular, ballistic, parabolic, conical

Shank Adapter, Coupling Sleeve, Drill Rod

Thread button combine with shank adapter、drill rod and coupling .They are used in conjunction with hydraulic rock drills in open-cast mining,underground tunneling and mining, highway and railroad tunnel construction,and construction of diversion holes for hydropower projects.

Hydraulic Drifter

With top hammer drills the hammer produces a percussive force on the drill rods or tubes, which is transferred to the drill bit. Made up of a long rod known as a drill string which is attached to the end this is hit by a drifter (hammer) to break the rocks.

Down The Hole Hammer

The DTH hammer is an impact rock drilling tool. Different from other rock drilling tools, it always stays at the bottom of the hole during drilling process. The hammer directly impacts the drill bit to break the rock.

DTH Drill Bit

Pulanka is specialized in the production and development of mine, tunnels and other engineering rock drill tools.

Tapered Connection Drill Bit

Tapered drill bits used in mining or tunneling are commonly attached to the end of drilling rods or drill strings. The drilling rod transmits rotational and percussive forces from the drilling rig to the drill bit.

Cutting Picks

pulanka cutting pick series include rotary bit,coal mining bit and tunnelling tooth,cutting pick block and cone bit