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How to select a more suitable cold pressing ball gear bit: planka cold pressing A-1 is recommended i


We are well aware of the dangers of rock drilling in tunnels

In order to improve the comprehensive stability of product quality,

Reduce the risk of workers in rock drilling operation

Unnecessary product quality problems,

So as to reduce the working time of workers in dangerous environment

Planka adheres to high quality standards and continuously provides stable products

Under the national policies of safety, high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and mechanization

Continue to innovate and create, and provide supporting services for mechanization

Cost effective rock drilling tools

In the current pneumatic rock drilling operation, products often appear

Problems such as reduced wear resistance, broken shell, difficult pulling drill, etc

Zhejiang Pulan brazing tool is used according to different conditions

A variety of cold pressed ball gear bits have been developed to meet the needs of customers

The following is our graphic explanation, mainly for green box use

Select customized high carbon and high nickel special steel,

The shell has both high hardness and high toughness,

The product shell can achieve high wear resistance and fracture resistance,

Especially for hard rock, sandstone and complex rock strata

The product retains the cloth tooth structure of 4 cemented carbide,

Still maintain the most efficient footage speed,

High hardness shell protection,

It can greatly improve the firmness of fixed teeth.

High wear-resistant shell ensures the structure of powder discharge tank at all times

So that the rock powder can still be discharged perfectly in the middle and later stage of the product

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How to select a more suitable cold pressing ball gear bit: planka cold pressing A-1 is recommended i

We are well aware of the dangers of rock drilling in tunnels


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